stereo on headphones, a group of max. 8 people

scent sticks

/ 2019

Courtesy Karina Duarte, 2019 - all images of the Serrinha Do Alambari Soundwalk

The soundpiece contains fieldrecordings around Serrinha do Alambari including foot steps, breathing noises, wind noises, snatches of voices, sounds of insects, frogs, birds & electromagnetic interferences. Most of the sounds are recorded with binaural microphones whilst walking.

The composed soundpiece is experienced in a soundwalk and blends into real surround noises such as dogs, cars, voices, and other sounds of the environement. The soundwalk creates a fluidity between the inner perception of the body and the sounds that surround us.

The artist guides the group through walking in different paces and diffuses a fragrance by using scent sticks.