Sound installation, 2.5m ∅
audiofile (stereo 12'02''), ipod, headphones, profile spotlight, visitor instructions
/ 2014

In the middle of the exhibition space is a spotlight that projects a circle of light onto the floor. Headphones attached to an iPod hang on the wall; next to those are a sign with the title of the work and instructions for the visitor:

«Put on the headphones and start the piece on the iPod.

Walk counterclockwise along the edge of the projected

circle until the piece has ended.»

Recordings of the electric guitar provided the source

material for a calm, spherical composition which by

means of offset repetitions consistently generates new

sonic structures.

The circular pacing creates both a physical and mental space in which to experience the audio composition, and through which a heightened concentration upon the composition’s subtle auditory occurrences is enabled.