Video installation, 03`43`` loop,

with Martina Birrer / 2010

The video was recorded in a room of 3x3x3 meter size. The room was the frame for this trial, consisting of the performer’s body and a giant balloon of 1.30 diameter.

In the video there is a person kneeing on the floor. The person is pulling a giant balloon on its body. After leaning back the person can, for a short time, balance its body on her feet, holding the ballon. Towards the end of the sequence, the person leans back, its body overturns towards the floor while the ballon flips into the air. The sequence is repeated ten times. With each repetition the ending gets a little longer until the performer can almost put its arm on the floor and rest for a bit, which ultimatley never happens.

The sound consists of two tracks. The frist track goes with the rhythm of the pictures and can be associated with breath. The second track is more muffled, continuous and seems more restless. While the first track gets to the background when the balloon and the body are parted, the second track steps into the foreground. The samples were generated with sounds made with the balloon only.