Audio performance, 08`00``

with Jonathan Ruf / 2010

Technics: laptop, interface, mixer, 4 active speakers, two photo cells, neon tube, tv remote, four different guitar effects

During the «Performance S128» the viewer finds himself in a dark room. In the middle of the room there is a table lightened by a blue neon tube. The two performers begin to work with photo cells, effects, a remoter and a mixer. Through the interaction of the photo cells and the light the performers create a soundscape, which is changing constantly.

On four loudspeakers the viewer experiences tonal interfereces and pulses. The electroacoustic waves circulate in the room. The viewer can move around the room without any restrictions and hence experience the sound from various positions. The performance lasts 08`00``. To end the 08`00``-performance the light is turned of, which ultimately results in silence.