5-chanal video-installation, 10 video sequences, 1 - 6 min., 5.5 m2 circular,

flatscreens, headphones, swivel chair,

with MARS / 2013

All sequences of this video installation were recorded in a dusty environment between satellite dishes at night, illuminated by artificial light. In the background there is some light of a city visible. The camera doesn`t move. In each sequence MARS is acting with objects or materials. The different objects and materials can be discovered in various sequences, although they appear in different uses.


Five flatscreens are arranged in a circle at a level of 50 cm above ground. To each screen a pair of headphones is connected. Further, a chair is placed in the centre of the screens. The viewer is invited to sit on the chair and switch between the different screens. On each screen three different sequences are shown, with a short break in between. Some sequences are shown on more than one screen. Thus, the viewer is the one to decide in which order the sequences are watched. Nevertheless, the viewer is not able to get an overview of the situation as a whole.

one of 10 sequences: