Audio visual installation, 06`04``

with Jonathan Ruf / 2009

Technics: laptop, interface, mixer, camera, projecter, projection transparency, four activ loudspeakers, sub-woofer

The viewer enters a room in which’s center a projection canvas of 160 x 120 cm is hung up. The projection on the canvas is the only light source in the room. It is split into a red and a green half. The complementary contrast creates a white flicker on the canvas. By the means of a camera the flickering picture is generated in the very moment. In the four corners of the symmetric room there are four speakers at the hight of ears directed towards the projection. During 06`04`` the composition is plaid  in the installation room. The initial sound imitates the disturbance noise of a speaker. In the course of the performance it gets slightly alternated by sinus tones in the high- (3350-17000Hz) and lowfrequency ranche (20-200 Hz).

With the means of picture and audio a room is created wherein a sensual overload is forced to be expeienced.