Series of actions and souvenir photos, 9 x 15 cm
with MARS / 2011 until eternity

On 7 December 2011 the first excursion of the excursion series «Attempts at Flying» took place. We invited a first guest. The next guest receives an invitation from the first one. An «Excursion» will be repeated with changing guests until the next excursion series starts. The invitation chain is continued over all excursions. All excursions have the following setting in common: MARS meet up with a stranger who doesn’t know what expects him. What happens at the excursion stays a secret between the three of them. At the end of the excursion a souvenir photo is taken and the guest is being left and asked to pass over the invitation in silence.

Gradually an uncontrollable network of relationships grows. The system we introduced becomes a collection of stories, spaces and locations, experiences and an on going investigation of the producer - recipient relationship.

AUSFLUGSREIHE 1: Flugversuch

7 December 2011 - 4 April 2012, Zug


AUSFLUGSREIHE 2: Hinderem Huus im Gärtli

30 April - 25 May 2012, sic! Raum für Kunst Luzern