Installation in 3 acts,

Room ca. 3.5 m x 6 m x 3 m, glossy latex dispersion, stage lights, windows, doors, construction glue, wood, ladder, 98 photographs of secret actions, letter to the intruder,

with MARS / 2012

«A Play» is an installation on the occasion of Transform, which is an interdisciplinary art project, that focuses on the topic of transformation. Transform takes place regularly as experimental arrangements in abandoned industrial buildings.

1. Act / A complete glossy white painted room. The doors have no handles; they are glued into the frames. The visitors can climb up the ladder and look into the room through a window. Two stage lights illuminate the room. The win- dows on the opposite wall are slightly opened and fixed. They reflect the sidewalls of the room.

2. Act / MARS leave the stage; new artists use the rooms of Transform. Gradually the space gets scarce. A musician is looking for a room for his drum kit and breaks in to the room. Other than expected, it’s not empty. On the walls, which cannot be seen from the outside, he finds a series of photographs. Most of them have been taken at Transform and show MARS doing secret actions in other artist’s works.

3. Act / the discovery spreads out rapidly among the other artists – there is excitement. The intruder reacts on the circumstances and writes a short text for the «MARS Epilogue».


Dear intruder

We are happy for you to finally arrive, as we have a mission for you!

Please write a text about this piece of art and send it to our publisher: r.bitzi@gmail.com.
Your text will be lectured and published in the next «MARS Epilogue». If you cannot fulfil the mission yourself, you may ask the curators Franz or Sibylle.

We wish you a good time at Transform!